About Us

Barbara Aridas Designs (BAD) was founded in 1979.  The shop started out supporting other local jewelers with their repair work.  Barb and her team did ring sizing, solder repairs, pearl and bead restringing.

Soon Barbara Aridas Designs came into their own.  In 1981 a retail store was opened with a full shop in the back.  Today BAD continues to design one-of- a- kind pieces and showcases them at 2895 S. Federal HWY, Delray Beach. Barbara Aridas Designs also continues to support many of the local jewelers from days gone by.

Barbara Aridas Designs enjoys a word-of-mouth customer based, as the shop is “off the beaten” path.  BAD customers are mostly known by first name, as they are repeat customers who have done business with Barb for many years.  Barb’s customers are multi-generational, as many of the children of her first customers are now buying jewelry for their children!!

Whether it is diamonds, pearls, platinum, gold or silver, Barbara Aridas Designs can answer any jewelry need!